Gavin Snyman (Founding member of AudioVisual Lifestyle Solutions) has over 20 years’ experience in the Audio Visual Industry; and has had a major impact on the standard of service delivery in the market place.

A consolidation of Gavin Snyman’s expertise in the electronics research and development sector, together with his experience as an entrepreneurial Audio Visual service provider and high profile retail specialist knowledge; has created a service to offer his customers the benefit of this unique mix.

With an extensive knowledge of the most popular brand products Gavin understands the pitfalls and weaknesses of the Audio Visual industry, and offers his customers a personalised, custom installation service to suite every need and requirement.

Developing a customisation service means that clients are no longer placed in a box when it comes to their Audio Visual requirements. Customers are now able to maximise the potential of their needs, space and areas. This unique approach has been popular with high profile clients and has fulfilled the gap in this niche market.

Audio Visual Lifestyle Solutions looks forward to finding the solution to your Audio Visual needs. With an affiliation to top notch brands and instillation equipment, customers will only experience quality service delivery of the highest standard and never go back to anything else.


To keep abreast of Audio Visual digital electronics technology and thereby being a source of hi-tech advice & information for our customers. We will provide customers with access to the latest and best quality Audio Visual products in the comfort of their homes and business environments.


We are committed to enhancing Customers’ lifestyles by providing them with enjoyable Audio Visual equipment as we proactively maintain the trends of our customers’ expectations.